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Danser med danicaer

Mai er en flott måned, og i sesongens ubestridte høydepunkt i kalkelvene i England. I disse dager klekker nemlig døgnfluenes gigant, Ephemera danica, til stor begeistring for både ørret og fluefiskere. I siste utgave av Alt om fiske kan du leser mer om “duffer’s fortnight”.

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Mayfly time!

Høydepunktet i de berømte kalkelvene sør i England er klekkingene av Ephemera danica – eller Mayflies som de kort og godt kalles i Storbritannia. Disse klekkingene begynner som regel midt i mai, øker i intensitet og fortsetter en uke eller to ut i juni. I forbindelse med Flyfishers’ Clubs “Young Members Mayfly Weekends” i år, … Continue reading »

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Chalk stream floods

The season opening of the famous English chalkstreams is just a few weeks away. The rivers look good at the moment, but after the devasting flood this winter, anglers will have to move very carefully along the banks. Several thousand houses were devastated in the worst flood in Great Britain in almost 250 years. When I visited Hampshire recently, there were still fields, village … Continue reading »

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Mayfly afternoon

I can’t help it, but I’m deeply fascinated by Ephemeras and other upwinged flies. As many of you will know, a good hatch of these wonderful creatures (or other insects like sedges, hawthornes, ants etc.) may bring lots of hungry fish to the surface. Timing is essential, though. Some hatches are very intense and die out quickly, while other hatches can last for hours. My experience is … Continue reading »

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Leptophlebia time

Spent a couple of days with my family in our cabin in Kongsberg recently. There are several lakes in the area, and I was pleased to see the first Leptophlebias of the 2012 season. These are the first up winged flies to appear in this part of the country. In the photo below, my son … Continue reading »

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Ephemera Nokia

I’m mighty impressed with the quality of my mobile phone camera! When looking for salmon in the Numedalslågen recently, I came across this beautiful Mayfly. Even though hatching in a river, this is probably a Ephemera Vulgata and not a Danica. The explanation is simply that major parts of the Numedalslågen is very slow flowing. … Continue reading »

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March Brown

When salmon fishing in Scotland last month, we noticed quite a few good browns rising for March Browns (Rhithrogena germanica) and Large Dark Olives (Baetis rhodani). The hatches started around lunch time, and even though they weren’t massive, they certainly moved a decent number of fish. March Brown Da vi fisket laks i Skottland forrige måned, … Continue reading »

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