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Det er ikke så ofte jeg tipser om andre fluefiskeblogger og -nettsteder, selv om jeg absolutt burde det. For det er definitvt mange dyktige og morsomme stangsvingere der ute. Men i dag kan jeg ikke la være å oppfordre dere til å besøke Mikael Engström og lese hans fantastiske historie “Jawohl”. Kort og godt noe … Continue reading »

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They call it winter…

Looks like we’re in for a rather mild winter in the Numedalslågen area . We had a few inches of snow, but after several days of +5 – 10 C, wind and rain, more or less all the snow is gone. Ser ut som det blir en relativt mild vinter i indre Vestfold i år. … Continue reading »

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A young flyfisher

My daughter Andrine (9) is about to become a proper flyfisher! Last summer she impressed her father in a local casting competition, and I am sure she will catch her first trout – the noble way – this summer. Can’t wait to see the smile on her face :-)             … Continue reading »

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Flyfishing highlights

My 2011 flyfishing season is over. It’s certainly been a good one, and now, while enjoying a glass of red in front of the fire, why not recapture a couple of highlights… The moment in 2011, was no doubt landing my very first salmon. It was a beautiful fish of approximately 12 lbs, caught in the Numedalslågen River on … Continue reading »

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A different fishing season

Almost six months have passed, since I had to put my faithful fishing companion and our family’s dog, Maja, to sleep. One of the most difficult, but at the same time easiest decisions I’ve had to make. We all miss her greatly, and it’s strange to go fishing without her. Me and Maja, May 2010 … Continue reading »

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Sea trout time!

Spent a couple of hours checking out the conditions in my local fjord this afternoon. The ice is more or less gone and the water is slowly, but surely warming up. In other words: It’s sea trout time! Didn’t see any fish splashing around, but I know a few sea trouts have been landed the … Continue reading »

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Au revoir, Paris

Back home after three lovely days in Paris. Approximately 15 members of the International Fario Club attended my presentation of potential destinations, when they are coming to fish salmon in Norway in 2012 or 2013. We met at La Terrasse Mirabeau, a superb restaurant at Place de Barcelone, and after drinks and dinner, I gave a … Continue reading »

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