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Roll on 2021

My apologies for not updating my website as often as I would like. The last few months have been terribly busy, but now – finally – I am going fishing again. First stop is the River Surna, where a few chums and I will enjoy a week at the Gulla Estate, once the playground of … Continue reading »

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Classic tackle, beautiful fish

Every now and then, I go classic!   I do collect vintage fishing tackle, but not only for display. Last week I took my 8 ft Hardy “C.C. de France” cane rod and a Perfect reel dating from the 1930s, on a fishing trip to a small lake, about an hours drive from where I live. … Continue reading »

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Stay safe. We’ll return!

Fishermen are privileged. We get to see beautiful places, meet wonderful people and, every now and then, our efforts with rod and line are rewarded. This spring, everything is different. Something we can’t see, hear or smell, has changed our world. We can’t travel, we can’t meet and we can’t pursue our favorite sport. All due … Continue reading »

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Guiding 2020

  Just three more months – and the salmon fishing season in my local river, the Lågen, begins! Can’t wait.  Even though the Lågen is rather unknown outside Norway, it is one of our best salmon rivers. When the famous giants fail, the Lågen continues to provide us with excellent sport!  If you want to … Continue reading »

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Dear friends

I’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Tight lines for 2020! 

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Flyfishers’ Annual Dinner

On November 7, I had the great pleasure of attending the Flyfishers’ Club’s 123rd Annual Dinner at Marriott Hotel in London. This is wonderful evening with fellow anglers and a great opportunity to meet new, interesting people, who share the passion for trout and salmon fishing. The next day, we all met for lunch in … Continue reading »

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Fish on!

My local salmon river, the wonderful Numedalslågen, has been good to us lately. The coming winter’s supply of smoked wild salmon is secured, thanks to my daughter Andrine’s 11 lbs fish and my 14 lbs cock fish – both taken in the same pool: Rien. What a privilege to have a river like this more … Continue reading »

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