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175 000 salmon escaped

Posted by on 16/02/2011

Last week, 175 000 salmon escaped from a fish farm in Hitra, Trøndelag. A disaster for the environment, and what’s even worse, is that Salmar Fishing – the owner – waited four days before reporting the incident to the authorities.

The powerful, ruthless fish farming industry is a disgrace, and the lack of political action shows Norway’s true, environmental face. I’ve stopped eating farmed salmon, and urge everybody who cares about the future, to do the same. I’m afraid money is the only language the industry understands.

For the record: In 2010, a total of 250 000 salmon escaped fish farms spread along the coast. That puts last week’s sad, sad incident in a rather grim perspective.

Here is an article from the newspaper Dagens Næringsliv and this is NRKs report: Fiskeriministeren fortviler.

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